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Diverse Learning Environments


Desert Dove Toddler Program

This class is for our youngest children and is the first experience they have at our preschool to explore and become comfortable in a setting outside of home.  The children move between inside centers and outdoor exploration to allow them the time and independence they need to build important social emotional, cognitive and motor skills.  


Hummingbird Preschool Program

This mixed three's class is an emergent curriculum classroom that focuses on the children’s social/emotional development through play-based, developmentally appropriate centers and hands-on experiences.  Children explore concepts such as colors, shapes, patterns, science, pre-literacy skills and the world around them through active play in both the indoor centers and outdoor play spaces.  The emphasis in art and other experiences is with the process as opposed to the product.  

Quails Preschool Program

The Quails is our second mixed aged three's class (please see description above)


Owl Pre-Kindergarten Program

This class fosters independence, cooperation and a love of learning through play-based, developmentally appropriate centers and hands-on learning. The children learn at their own pace through exploration, extended periods of free choice play, observation and inquiry. There are opportunities throughout the morning for children to play independently, to play in small groups and to be engaged in whole group, literacy, music, writing, sensory and imaginative play activities. 


Roadrunners Pre-Kindergarten Program

This is our Pre-K program in collaboration with Gentry Pediatric Behavioral Services for children with Autism.

Extended Day Programs

We offer three extended day programs: Early Birds, Lunch Bunch and Stay & Play. These programs are offered daily as an extension of our regular school mornings. Early Birds is our optional hour of care before the morning classes begin. Lunch Bunch is a time to eat lunch with friends and have a little extra outside play. Stay & Play follows Lunch Bunch and is a time for nap, or to extend the day with more opportunities for play and discovery with peers.

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