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Cara Denby

As a child, Cara always wanted to be a teacher and earned her BA in elementary education from Emory University. Upon graduation, Cara taught 2nd grade in Atlanta, Georgia for a few years before relocating to Vermont and then to Arizona.

After spending some time working in different fields, Cara once again became passionate about education, parenting philosophies and child development when she became a parent. Her three children went to the EEC because she wanted to be actively involved in their early education. Once her children were in elementary and middle schools, Cara returned to the classroom teaching at the EEC as our 3’s lead teacher for two years, then she moved on to teach 7th grade social studies at her children’s middle/high school. Most recently Cara co-founded and taught at The Promise School. Cara is excited to return to the preschool environment, especially the 2’s class because she believes strongly in the importance of a play-based, cooperative learning environment and she is passionate about working with young children and their parents.


Cara has been married for over 30 years and is a proud mother of three teenage children. Two of her children are now in college, so she only has one still at home. During her free time, Cara enjoys playing games with her children, relaxing with her husband, hiking with friends and being outside with her animals. 

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