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My first experience of the co-op was in 2009 when my then 3-year-old son started preschool. I was nervous and excited for him, but mostly I was deeply grateful that we had found a place we knew would nurture and support not only him, but our family as a whole.   Throughout the years following, I had the privilege of teaching in each classroom and building relationships with countless wonderful children and their families. I am honored to now be in a position to help see the preschool through this transition and into the future while maintaining the strong values of community and play that we all hold so dear. My degree in Early Childhood Education as well as a variety of teaching experiences I have had over the years in addition to the EECP, both help to inform the knowledge and skill set I carry into this role. Nancy Wilson is a friend and colleague I deeply respect, and I look forward to working alongside her and with our wonderful teaching staff next year.

 Sarah Root, Co-Interim Director

During the time my three children were attending the EECP, I served on the parent board and later on the Board of Directors. I loved my experience there so much; I stayed on as a teacher, working in the 3’s and Pre-K Classrooms. During this time, I also had the opportunity to work in an administrative role for the UUCP. I recently had the wonderful (and informative) experience of founding a non-profit elementary school with a fellow former EECP teacher. We were able to see many students and their families through a difficult two years, working within the uncertainty of COVID to provide stability and support. I am so grateful to now find myself back at EECP, a place that truly aligns with my values and philosophy as a teacher. I believe that the play-based, child-centered education we provide is a gift to children not only in their early years but also has a sustaining impact on how they grow and who they become. I am excited to work with Sarah, helping to see this wonderful community through a transition and into a bright future.

Nancy Wilson, Co-Interim Director

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