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Madilyn Hill

This will be Maddie's second year at the preschool, and she is enjoying learning and growing within the community. 


Maddie is currently working on her bachelor’s in Elementary Education at Glendale Community College. 

Before joining the Preschool, Maddie received many opportunities involving education and childcare. Working as a support staff member for a local charter school to becoming their lead before/after care coordinator. 


Growing up, Maddie always had an inclination to help. Whether it was taking care of her younger sisters or being asked to babysit her cousins, Maddie enjoyed being surrounded by those younger than her to be able to foster traits of kindness, empathy, empowerment, and laughter for herself and those she cared for. Maddie finds such importance in the care and development of young minds and hopes to continue that care in whatever way flows. For now, it’s assisting everywhere and everyone at the preschool. 


When Maddie isn’t at the preschool, she enjoys the outdoors, music, and creating memories with her partner and their cat. Maddie also enjoys spiritual approaches to life by collecting crystals and using astrology to understand connections and build mindfulness. 


Peace. Love. Patience. 

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