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Welcome to

Early Education Cooperative Preschool

All in a Day's Play 

Since 1961. 

Desert Doves (2's)

The Doves class is the first experience children have at our cooperative preschool to explore and play in an environment set up for the way children learn best.

Hummingbirds (3's)

The Hummingbirds class is an emergent curriculum classroom that focuses on the children’s social/emotional development through play-based, developmentally appropriate centers and hands-on experiences.

Owls (Pre-K)

The Owl class is an emergent curriculum classroom that fosters independence, cooperation and a love of learning through play-based, developmentally appropriate centers and hands-on learning.

After Care

We offer two extended day programs, Picnic/Rest and Play and Aftercare. These programs are offered daily as an extension to our regular school mornings.


Our Approach

The most important goal of our early childhood curriculum is to help children become enthusiastic learners. This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts. Our goal is to help children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners. We’re teaching them how to learn, not just in preschool, but all through their lives. We’re allowing them to learn at their own pace and in the ways that are best for them. We’re giving them good habits and attitudes, particularly a positive sense of themselves, which will make a difference throughout their lives.

What Parents Think

"This is an amazing, nurturing, play-based preschool. I rely on our teachers to guide me when I have difficulties in finding the right parenting solution- they will use their vast knowledge of early childhood development while making suggestions based on my child’s personalities. If you want a community of families, play dates and early childhood educators this is the place for your family."

Selena S.

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