Three's/Four's Mixed Age Afternoon Class

Our mixed age class is a new option for parents this school year.  It is an emergent curriculum classroom for children ages 3 1/2 and older that follows  very similar programming to both the three's class and prek program.  It fosters independence, cooperation and a love of learning through play-based, developmentally appropriate centers and hands-on learning. The children learn at their own pace through exploration, extended periods of free choice play, observation and inquiry while engaging in activities that they have expressed an interest in. Conflict resolution skills are modeled and practiced along with learning to name and express their feelings and emotions. Children learn how to take turns, negotiate conflicts and make friendships all while playing and interacting with their peers. There are opportunities throughout the morning for children to play independently, to play in small groups and to be engaged in large group activities such as circle time. Many skills and concepts are learned throughout the year in several different areas including:

Social/Emotional Skills:  Conflict resolution, choices, multi-step directions, self-help skills, friendship building and independence

Writing:  Name writing and recognition, hand grasp, class books, journals, dictating stories, drawing

Math:  Graphing, sorting, classifying, patterns, counting, one to one correspondence

Science:  Charting/graphing, observing, making predictions, experimenting, gardening, nature walks

Literacy:  Being read to, exposure to different types of print, environmental print, story comprehension, sequencing, creating class books, exposure to letter sounds & names

Art:  Creativity, exposure to different media & textures, process oriented art (no models to follow), Colors/color blending

Fine Motor:  Manipulatives, cutting, playdough, coloring, writing, beading, lacing

Gross Motor:  Climbing, running, riding trikes, motor planning, balancing, physical education program


  • For 10 children three years, 6 months of age and older by September 1

  • Must be fully potty-trained

  • Meets Monday - Friday from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  • 1 Professional Early Educator; Child/ Staff Ratio 1:10

  • Annual Tuition $3870, Monthly Tuition $430

  • Extended Day option

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