Laurel Butterfield

A lifelong creative thinker, Laurel earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University and worked as a professional artist for many years. Shortly after enrolling her son Henry at the preschool, Laurel discovered a love for all things play dough, finger paint and make believe...and a deep fascination and respect for the child-centered, play-based curriculum emphasized at EEC. She joined our teaching team in the spring semester of 2020, and is looking forward to guiding students in their discovery of the world, social development, motor skills, and just plain fun.


When she's not teaching, Laurel enjoys creating in the kitchen, working on art projects with Henry, spending time with her two dogs, hiking with her family and biking in all kinds of weather.

Laurel is now on maternity leave and we hope to welcome her back once Baby Butterfield is older.