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Kristen Blue

This year will mark Kristen’s 5th year as the EEC Director and 10th year at EEC.  She taught the pre-k class for 8 years prior before transitioning into a Director only role.  She began her teaching career in 1995, after earning her degree in Special Education from ASU.  She taught in a K-4th grade learning resource classroom in the Scottsdale School District and then in an integrated special needs preschool in the Paradise Valley School District.

Kristen specializes in the Creative Curriculum and has a deep understanding of the importance of a play-based learning environment.  In her classroom, she followed an emergent curriculum, which emphasized a child-centered, rich learning environment that included loose parts and process art, where she helped students negotiate conflict, make friends, and acted as a guide in their learning and inquiry about the world.  Now she loves working alongside the teachers as a mentor and facilitator.

Kristen has two biological children and two step-children who are in high school and college.  Her 2 children attended a play-based cooperative preschool so she has experience as a co-op parent in addition to her teaching experience.  When not at school, Kristen loves spending time with her family, taking walks, caring for her pets (dogs, chickens and a parakeet), reading non-fiction and photography. 

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