Heidi-Jo Klingman

Teacher Heidi joined the EEC team as the Covid-support assistant teacher this year, to float between the classrooms to clean and support the teachers and students as needed, and has now transitioned into being the PreK Assistant Teacher 3 days a week. Heidi has volunteered as a parent at the co-op for the last 4 years, with her two children going through their preschool education here at EEC. As a kid’s yoga teacher and a professional nanny, Heidi has worked with children for many years, and has always enjoyed learning about the most optimal ways to support young learners through play. Heidi studied music and education in college, and has taught as a certified yoga and Pilates teacher for 12 years.  When she's not working at EEC or teaching yoga and Pilates, Heidi enjoys spending time with her family, painting, hiking, and studying.